At Work or At Play

Man in home office suffering from low back pain standing

Employers – Interested in Reducing Absenteeism ?

Back Pain and associated lower limb pains and aches are responsible for many, many lost days from work.

Employees who are standing all or most of the day are more susceptible to suffering from musculo-skeletal problems.


Quite often these problems originate in the feet where the alignment of the bone structure has changed or altered from the norm. This puts undue pressure on the major joints and muscle groups and causes misalignments up through the whole body trunk.

Although difficult to see the connection, quite often neck and shoulder complaints can be a result of misalignment of the bones in the feet. The old song “The hip bone is connected to the knee bone” has a strong relevance here.

By wearing our excellent “Soft Step” insole Orthotics you and your employees will benefit greatly. The fact that our Orthotics are Flexible makes a huge difference.
Our Orthotics are by far the most superior design available on the market today.
For a low initial outlay you benefit greatly by realising maximum efficiency from your employees. The employees also benefit greatly by achieving dramatically reduced discomfort from their pains and aches.

Morale is boosted and productivity enhanced as discomfort subsides.

If you are an Employer then you should seriously consider requesting a presentation from our Representatives and if you are an Employee, then, you should seriously consider requesting your Employer to organise a demonstration and fitting presentation (with no obligation) at your workplace.

Our product has shown amazing results with people in all categories of employment:
Those involved in Heavy Physical work i.e. Construction, Plant, Mechanical Processes etc. are subject to more frequent situations where they can experience misalignments of the bone structure.

Police, Army, Medical, Prison Officers, Nurses, Postmen and Postwomen, Barstaff, Hairdressers, Retail Staff, Factory Employees, Drivers, etc. etc. have all seen and more importantly, felt the results in a very short time.

Sportspeople too benefit greatly as the “Soft Step” Orthotic is designed to fit into most shoe styles they can be worn while Golfing, Running, Playing Football, Tennis, etc. etc.
Part of the design of the product is to improve Balance …. This speaks for itself !

Social Clubs, Sports Clubs and Community Groups

Our Representatives can conduct an educational presentation to your Social, Sports or Community Group.

For example Sports Clubs, Womens Groups, Active Retirement Groups, I.C.A. Groups. Factory Social Groups, Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, Sports Clubs, Gymnasiums, Athletic Clubs, Mountaineering and Hill walking Groups, Walking Clubs, Employment Related Social Clubs etc. etc.

This type of presentation will incur a nominal charge to cover travel costs and expenses.