Profiles and Therapies of Interest

Profiles and Therapies of Interest




Frank Dunphy a dynamic Irishman from Dublin, is the eldest of a large family, a father to one adult daughter. Frank developed a keen interest in health issues from a very early age. From as young as 8 or 9 he always wondered why people got sick. He would delve into the emotional reasons for illnesses and continuously ask questions e.g. Why Mrs Murphy got cancer? Why Mr O’Brien has asthma? Etc.   He continued his quest for knowledge throughout his teens and directed his interests into physical pursuits such as running, rowing and cycling.

He trained children and teenagers in running and worked to help them develop their potential by efficient use of their muscles, strengthening and toning the appropriate muscle groups to enhance their performance. His perception of gait and postural analysis has grown from his experience and these qualities have been employed further along in his career, as you will see later in this profile. His intuition developed alongside this physical evolvement and today he can marry the two extraordinarily accurately with visual assessments of peoples’ ailments and physical complaints.

About this time he started to learn the Chinese Martial Art of Tai Chi and has been practising this deep energy based form for over 32 years. He also practices Chi Kung and has developed phenomenal internal energy skills. He has taught Tai Chi and Chi Kung in various locations throughout Dublin and has travelled abroad to teach this exercise.

Frank has worked in front line reception duties in a Dublin Hotel where he developed his skills in communication and customer service. He worked for approx 2 years with the D.S.P.C.A. and here he developed his love for animals. Although his work was varied, he managed to build strong bonds with his animals and here furthered his intuitive skills.

His career developed further into the animal world when he commenced employment in Dublin Zoo, where he served for 15 years as a Zoo Keeper. One of his life’s passions is the Elephant and all things related to Elephants and he is one of the lucky few in this country who have had the opportunity to work closely with these magnificent and imposing creatures. Frank’s responsibilities extended to management of most of the large stock in Dublin Zoo including Giraffes, Hippos, Rhinos, Reptiles etc. and, as you can imagine, this is where his intuitive skills came into their own. Working with such large and often dangerous animals one needs to be highly tuned to their behaviour. If an animal is sick or in pain they have no way of communicating this information to us humans so the human (in this case, Frank) has had to be on-the-alert for any miniscule changes in behaviour both from a safety point of view and more importantly from a caring point of view. Under his care, the large animals thrived and to this day his passion for elephants and other animals has grown.

He has had the unique experience of travelling to and living in Sri Lanka for a 6-month period developing and learning skills as a Mahoot. He lived and worked closely with the staff of an Elephant Sanctuary in Sri Lanka and honed his skills to proficiency level.

Circumstances change and Frank moved away from Dublin Zoo to take on the role of full time carer for his daughter – a period of his life which he relishes with great delight. Frank became a stay at dad for approx 12 years and as such has developed a keen eye and ear for many human needs and his work history makes for a very interesting and varied portfolio.

About this time Frank moved to another Animal Based position which took him to work in a small city farm located in Cabra in the School for the Deaf where he worked with the horses at weekends.

As his daughter grew up and became less dependent Frank re-kindled his interested in things Metaphysical. He learned Reiki under the guidance of the late Noleen Hunter and went to Mastership level under the guidance of the late Nora O Neill, R.I.P. He then went on to study Holistic Massage under the direction of Catherine Collins and achieved his I.T.E.C. Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology and Holistic Massage and Business Practice Management Qualification through her school. He undertook the ‘Success Over Distress’ Technique Protocol developed by Wayne Topping and the Vibrational Healing method of Cyberkinetics using Tuning Forks, developed by the late Alan Sales under the tuition of Robin Wells, Kinesiologist.

Further studies led him to Pearse College where he studied Chinese Medical Acupressure and Tui-na Massage (like Chinese Physiotherapy) under the guidance of James O’Sullivan, Acupunturist and teacher and as this tied in with his previous knowledge and training in Chinese Martial Arts has expanded his knowledge base considerably.

Approx. 16 years ago while attending The Dublin Horse Show he was introduced to The “Soft Step” Orthotic and was taken with it’s functionality to the extent that he is now one of the partners in a company called Step Forward Ireland who retail product. The “Soft Step” Orthotics have changed many people’s lives since wearing them. They are an excellent pre-moulded insole which re-align the foot structure, in turn re-aligning the ankles, knees, hips and spine, thereby taking the pressure off the joints and allowing the muscles to function efficiently once more.

Recently Frank’s interest in Energy Work has taken him to explore the areas of Vibrational and Electromagnetic Healing and he, in conjunction with his business partner have acquired The Theragem – which is a Crystal Light Therapy Machine which uses Dielectric Resonance for healing

Frank is an Associate Member of the Kinesiology Association of Ireland and a member of Tui-Na Ireland.

Eibhlin Robinson is a vibrant Irish woman with over 16 years experience in the health industry. Previously she worked in various roles in the Advertising world of a busy National Newspaper where she gained valuable experience in interpersonal skills, communication and problem solving. She held a Supervisory Position over a staff of over 30 people and help manage the day-to-day running of a busy department, roster management, customer service, training and troubleshooting. She oversaw the introduction of New Technology and was instrumental in supporting the smooth transition of a busy front-line department to computerisation during the 1980’s. She served on the Health & Safety Committee for many years and took the Occupational First Aid Courses on an ongoing basis. During this time she developed an interest in Alternative Medicine and undertook a Course in Reflexology where she successfully achieved her ITEC Diploma (1993). Over the following 2 years she attended a Part Time Course through Maynooth University, which led to A Basic Diploma in Counselling Skills.

She is from a large family, is married and is a mother to Two adult children and a grandmother. She has learned to combine the knowledge gleaned from her experiences in the commercial environment, the home environment and her studies to help create a working balance which serves her well to keep her stress levels stable in order that she can give the required level of commitment to her clients.

Having suffered for many years from chronic aches and pains which were later diagnosed as Fibromyalgia, she also has a type of hyper mobility of her joints which leads to severe pain and discomfort in ankle, knee and hip joints, severe back pain and neck pain, which could often last for weeks at a time, she sought help through the conventional medical route, but not to much avail. After a lengthy period she came to the conclusion that prescribed medication was not the answer to her problems and this led her to pursue other areas of health modalities in order to achieve relief and respite from pain.

One of the main “lifesaving” devices she discovered were “Soft Step” Orthotics, excellent pre-moulded insoles which re-align the foot structure, in turn re-aligning the ankles, knees, hips and spine, thereby taking the pressure off the joints and allowing the muscles to function efficiently once more giving much relief to fatigue. Alleluia!!! She has never looked back.

This discovery led to a major career change and in partnership with her colleague, they are now in their sixteenth year of business marketing this excellent product The “Soft Step” Orthotic Foot Corrector.

As this discovery was mainly related to feet and as she was already a fully qualified Reflexologist the natural progression was to pursue further qualifications in the alternative health field and so gained Diploma Level as a Massage Therapist with The Dublin School of Reflexology & Massage under the guidance of Olive Gentleman. She was awarded with a Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Swedish Massage (I.T.E.C.). After this she discovered Reiki and under the instruction and lineage of Kathleen Milner and the late Nora O Neill, R.I.P. she completed her Reiki Training through to Mastership Level. Reiki being the Earth Energy Healing Ray she also took degrees in Seicheim, Sakarka, Sophie-el and Angeliclight which are the Fire, Water and Air & Light Healing Rays of healing.

At this stage her appetite for further knowledge was whet … the range and diversity of the world of Alternative and Vibrational Medicine was becoming more and more attractive. To date she has qualified from Pearse College in Crumlin, accredited through I.T.E.C. in various other therapies including Diploma in Sports Injury Massage, Diploma in Aromatherapy, Diploma in Indian Head Massage, Diploma in Diet and Nutrition for Complementary Therapists, and has a Diploma in Acupressure and Tui-na (Chinese Massage using Acu-Points) from Tui-na Ireland under the excellent tuition and guidance of James O’Sullivan, Acupuncturist and teacher.

Now thirsty for more knowledge to compliment the above she also qualified as a Professional Kinesiologist, a modality, which, depending on the needs of the client, can incorporate applications from all of the other therapies, coupled with the general Kinesiology Techniques.

As Kinesiology is primarily a Vibrational Energy Based Method of gathering information from the client, this Energy Medicine took her in another direction. She undertook the ‘Success Over Distress’ and ‘Diffusing Stuck Emotions’ Technique Protocol developed by Wayne Topping and the Vibrational Healing method of Cyberkinetics developed by Alan Sales under the tuition of Robin Wells, Kinesiologist which employs the Vibration of Sound using Tuning Forks in a healing capacity.

Always seeking new knowledge and being eager to develop the Energy Medicine area more thoroughly she spent a lot of time reading up on Bio Resonance, Vibrational Medicine and Electromagnetic Devices and has undertaken various training courses and workshops in these areas also.

Next comes the discovery of a dynamic machine called Theragem, this is a Medical Grade Crystal Light Therapy Machine which works on a Vibrational Level, using 7 different frequencies for healing. It uses Crystals, Light, Colour, Sound, Gold, Silver and Specific Pre-programmed frequencies which coincide with the brain wave frequencies as we know them Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta. This Machine is CE certified, EU certified and FDA approved in the USA. It is not very common in Ireland but is used extensively in the U.K., Europe and U.S.A. and is achieving excellent results across a diverse range of illnesses. Can be used to positively treat and helps to alleviate discomfort associated with most of today bodily imbalances.

Eibhlin is a Professional Member of the Kinesiology Association of Ireland, Member of Irish Reflexologists Institute Ltd. & Tui-Na Ireland.


























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