Foot/Postural Connection

Step Forward gives you two ways to make you, and your feet, feel better from the ground up!

Painful heels, callouses, hammertoes, cramps, sore legs, sore feet, corns, backaches and bunions are only the symptoms of bigger problems. Hard surfaces, improper footwear, old age and gravity are the major factors that lead to structural malfunction of the musculoskeletal system.

See the diagram below for an indication of how the posture adjusts when there is an imbalance in the arches of the feet.


If there is an imbalance or collapse of any of the foot arches, then the ankle joints will be out of alignment. This, in turn, puts the knee joints out of alignment and often the hip joint will be misaligned too. Even as far up the skeletal system as the neck and shoulders can be affected when the arches of the feet are misaligned.

Once you stand on our Orthotics you will notice immediately that your posture improves…. your arches are supported, the alignment of your ankles, knees and hips is improved and your stability is enhanced.

When foot posture is incorrect the entire body structure is incorrect. Weak or misaligned bones and arches can lead to painful conditions throughout the body including knee, hip, back, neck and shoulder distress.


Most foot supports are made to fit the unbalanced or troubled foot. Step Forward’s orthotics are made in the shape of a normal foot – in time, your foot will conform more to the shape of the orthotic. If worn properly the position of the muscles and ligaments are realigned, thus helping to eliminate fatigue and related discomfort. Very many people who have had orthotics “specially made” for them report that our product feels far superior underfoot and the difference is often immediately noticable.

A foot will change its shape by wearing improper footwear; our orthotics are designed to provide the correct shape to help align the foot. By supporting all three arches of the feet, the knees, hips and back are supported too! Most people can feel the difference once they try them on.

As the Manufacturing Company has been in business for over 48 years literally hundreds of thousands of people in The United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and other countries wear this type of orthotic.

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