No. If we were to start with a copy of your bad foot we would start with all your misalignment — we want your foot to change. We start with the normal healthy foot shape – with this bio-engineered balanced form we will work the muscle groups of the foot to help to adapt to the correct shape. We size this to the length and width of your foot. We have arches in many different forms/sizes to match the individuals bone structure so, they are custom fit.

They have kept the Step Forward Company in business for over 48 years. In the U.S.A., Australia, South Africa, Taiwan and Western & Eastern Europe the majority of our business is providing these arches to medical professionals, chiropractors, orthopaedic specialists, chiropodists/podiatrists and sports medicine practitioners. Our longevity is evidence of the Soft-Step’s success!

The “Soft-Step” Orthotic starts with the shape of a normal healthy foot and by working the muscle groups, the foot gradually adapts over time towards the correct shape. We size to the length and width of your foot then support the bones and work the muscles with this bio-engineered-balanced form. The hard form is designed to support body weight to align your knees, hips and back. The flexing action of the orthotics is designed to exercise muscle groups, toning and stretching muscle groups, increasing circulation (a diabetic benefit), thereby reducing fatigue. This is not a miracle overnight cure. There is a break-in period – a period of training the muscle groups – to the new shape. This break-in period can be as little as a week, typically two to three weeks with some as long as a month or more depending on how your feet present.

YES! They increase circulation and aid in reducing ulcer pressure. The non-absorbent material can be washed daily if needed. They do not house any micro-organisms or bacteria which people with diabetes are often exposed to with other orthotics.

That depends; some people are in them full-time in as little as two weeks, others take upwards of a month. It depends on the condition of your feet when you present to us and the degree of discomfort you are feeling. We provide a written schedule to help you break-in the orthotics.

You can run with our Othotics. Certainly, orthotics will help realign bones evenly, distribute body weight, and allow the body to function in a more correct alignment. Keep in mind our Orthotics are not a miracle cure — you cannot put them in and run a marathon straight away, you need to break them in. After you are in them full time, you can start a second easier break-in with your high impact activities.

Yes, they are washable. Just use warm soapy water. Do not use bleach or harsh abrasive cleaners. You can just pat them dry! They are not made of foam, which breaks down with time, nor are they made of leather, which holds moisture. Step Forward’s Orthotics are suitable for people with diabetes (who are more susceptible to infections of the feet), as they are washable, on a daily basis if required, and do not absorb moisture, micro-organisms or bacteria. They are made from a medical grade material which does not make the foot smell or sweat.

They cost €350 plus €10 P+P. The orthotics have a life expectancy of up to five years. This cost equates to less than €1 a day for a year – but they last for up to five years and they are corrective devices. This covers the initial consultation, the insoles and we offer  a  free follow up check up in our clinic if you need one.

Orthotics are arch supports which go in your shoes. They are designed to help align the body and help balance your weight properly aiming to alleviate trouble with knees, hips and back. Orthotics help to distribute your body weight evenly over the arches of your feet thus helping to reduce heel pain, bunions and general discomfort.